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At Em Pretty, we are passionate about creating beautiful cosmetics that promote youth protection.  Our patent-pending products are rich in the Calendula flower extract, which significantly boosts the appearance of your skin by affecting blood flow to the skin cells, reducing inflammation, and providing antioxidant protection.  Our trademarked tagline, “Protect your pretty” conveys the mission of our product line.  We’ve created stylish, on-trend products, with natural ingredients that enhance and protect your beauty. 

We were featured in an article by The Fem Word - Moms & Daughters: The Business Dream Team


EMPretty™ Lipstick

EMPretty™ Lipsticks come in a variety of shades from neutral to dramatic. Not only do these lipsticks contain natural ingredients promoting healthy, plump lips, but they are also forumlated with easy glide on moisturizers.


EMPretty™ Eyeshadow

EMPretty™ Eyeshadow palettes come in shades of matte and shades with sparkle. Not only will our eyeshadows add natural glow and dimension, they will also fight aging skin!

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